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September 5, 2014

We are against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man and the oppression of any people. 

Through the PPP the people of Canada will finally prove their political power.  Federalism seems impossible across Canada today and democracy today looks more like a form of dictatorship where the people are manipulated by betrayals and promises that they will have to pay for.

It is why we call you forward to become a member – not of a political party, but as part of a family that recognizes the political power that we all are when we work together to achieve our dreams of a peaceful, prosperous and happy Canada.   Each of us has a voice and we all have the right to use it. We are calling all of you to come forward as the voice of the nation that drives our government forward in a new direction free of the mistakes of the past when we were a divided, separated nation. 

Instead of being a broken family squabbling about ‘who’s first’ and ‘who gets the biggest piece’, now we will become a true family sharing and fulfilling our mutual dreams of peace, prosperity and equality.  Fueled by one another’s love and respect and with our mutual interests in mind we will refuse anything that separates, divides or suppresses us - especially the ‘me, myself and I’ type of thinking and the secretive ‘closed door’ approach that has led us into the mess we are in today.

The only true form of governing is by self-denial, by giving of yourself for those who believe in you.  Federalism is very easily accomplished by establishing a family environment where there are no barriers of languages, cultures or regions because of the self-respect for others.  When you respect others, it is respecting yourself - wishing for them what you wish for yourself.

Again, you are all invited.  There is no group, society, government or individual that can say they were not invited; only that they refused the invitation to work together by mutual respect where we learn to co-habit as the beautiful multi-cultural nation that we are.

We ask you not only to join but to live the miracle of the family of Canada that we are with you as the people’s political power of Canada.

If you wish to become a member please click here to go to our membership section and download the forms required (PPP membership form & Election Canada Declaration form), fill them out and mail to our headquarters:

People’s Political Power of Canada
107 Marion street
Winnipeg, MB
R2h 0T2


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