Why Become a Candidate?

September 5, 2014

We are not small, we are a family!

If everything has already been accomplished, then sit back.  Otherwise, join us in working for the benefit of all - all the victims of neglect (including you) and all those searching for a time of peace within your heart.  This is about showing you how better you could be from this point forward than the little you have done so far.

Are you satisfied with what has been accomplished thus far by those who say they have all the answers? 

From Columbus unto Harper today, many mistakes were made whether by ignorance or by intent by governments and churches; by democracies and ‘secret societies’.  The elect have turned a blind eye to the struggles of everyday Canadians by reducing the nation to ignorance, fear and immorality by sanctions and portions in order to dominate the nation. 
It is time to create a new world for every child of the world beginning by the hope you place in their hearts by getting involved for their happiness.  Peace will be brought to every heart beginning with these little ones when we make possible for others what we wish for ourselves.
Join us in ending the domination of a nation and to begin (with you) the true evolution towards peace and justice.  It is time to listen to the people and to include everyone in the decision-making process.  This will become the people’s power where we all meet together and share with one another by mutual respect.  Then Canada will have evolved to become the meeting place it was always meant to be (Kanata).

Is there anything that we as a family under the sovereignty of God (Canadian constitution) could not accomplish in the spirit of truth, justice and love?  Yet so many set themselves up as ‘gods’; their only interest is to benefit themselves.  It is time to turn the table on this type of tyranny and dictatorship (narcissism). 

As it is in a true family where members serve one another by love and respect, we call you forward to serve to the same degree – not 33 degrees (Illuminati, who limit yourselves) but 360 degrees until all have been served by your love for them.  Then they will have received a love transfusion that drowns out despair and inaction replacing it with hope and joy at the reality of the new life we will create by our unity with one another.  It is only by this virus of love (transfer of love) that we will become one as the family of Canada. 

If you seek to be a ‘best man’ in the true marriage of all people in Canada it will be by your service to them.  All may apply.  So you see, ‘The greatest man in the world is the best servant!’ 

If you wish to become a candidate please click here to go to our candidacy section and send the necessary information to our headquarters:

People’s Political Power of Canada
107 Marion street
Winnipeg, MB
R2h 0T2

The PPP Family

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